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Tinta da China

Mediterranean Algarve: Tradition, Produce & Cuisine


'Endlessly fascinating, illuminating and useful.' Kevin Gould (The Guardian).

Land of sun, salt, wine, olive oil, bread and fish, situated at Europe’s south-westernmost tip, the Algarve is a place where ancient Mediterranean traditions continue to thrive. This book celebrates and nurtures those traditions, suggesting innovative ways of giving them new life.

For several decades, Maria Manuel Valagão has gathered the popular wisdom and millennia-old expertise that shape local cooking. Here she shares her findings, providing context through a study of the Algarve’s history, landscape and gastronomy. Particular emphasis is placed on the anthropological and social aspects of the region’s cuisine, its produce, cooking techniques and food preservation procedures.

This magnificent volume thus provides a comprehensive picture of the Algarve’s cultural heritage and culinary landscape, as enhanced by Vasco Célio’s photographic vision and chef Bertílio Gome’s contemporary recipes.