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Namban Notebook

NAMBAN Notebook
Photo credit: NAMBAN

In 1543, the Portuguese became the first Europeans to reach Japan. They were called Namban jin (southern barbarians) and the word Namban because linked to the creativity that was born through the Portuguese presence there.


Namban Notebooks in Yellow & Green

Namban Notebook detail

NAMBAN Notebooks
Photo credit: NAMBAN

NAMBAN notebooks are produced by hand in Portugal using Japanese binding. They exhibit an oriental aesthetic, going beyond the function of just another notebook. NAMBAN works with craftsmen and small local industries to produce these minimalist stationary items. The brand is highly focused on the quality of its products and the exclusivity of its designs. Each one is folded, bound and finished by hand.


Namban products are handmade

NAMBAN products are made by hand
Photo credit: NAMBAN



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Namban logo

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