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Brand Stories | Patrícia Lobo Ceramics

Patricia Lobo Ceramics

Patrícia Lobo
Photo credit: Patrícia Lobo Ceramics

Patrícia Lobo was born in Lisbon and has travelled extensively. She studied design before working in TV and cinema. Her ceramics craft was for many years simply a hobby, a way of escaping the hectic everyday and allowing her to recharge and relax. She then realised that the process of designing and crafting was not only bringing her the peace and balance she craved, but it was also bringing her such happiness to watch others enjoying her work. It was from this joy that Patrícia Lobo Ceramics was born, representing above all a conscious and respectful way of life, combining love, dedicated, form and function.


Patricia Lobo Ceramics Tagi Pendant

TAGI Pendant
Photo credit: Patrícia Lobo Ceramics

The brand showcases a different take on ceramics to the one that we are accustomed to seeing. Keeping this traditional Portuguese craft alive, Patrícia works with clean lines and soft tones to add a contemporary edge to an age-old technique.


Patricia Lobo Bhuti Wall Light

BHUTI Pendant
Photo credit: Patrícia Lobo Ceramics


The lamps are minimalist in shape, bringing timeless style to a space. Inspired by the simple things in life, their pastel, earthy and neutral tones are versatile in any scheme. All of Patrícia's pieces are made to order and most pieces are fired in a gas muffle furnace, giving to each of her works the textures and nuances that make them unique.


Patricia Lobo Mobo Floor Lamp

MOBO Floor Lamp
Photo Credit: Patrícia Lobo Ceramics


Patricia Lobo Ceramics Logo

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