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Nelson Carvalheiro

The Portuguese Travel Cookbook

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In this travel cookbook, Nelson Carvalheiro sets out to tell the stories behind the people, the places, the villages, the products and the recipes that make Portuguese food unique. He believes that the culinary heart of Portugal is outside the big cities, so this project focusses only on peripheral Portugal. This is the Portugal that produces its own vegetables and milk, where people cook the way their grandmothers taught them. A Portugal that finds its origins in the nets of the fishermen, in the wood-fired oven, in the farmer's hoe and in the local eateries unknown to tourists.

Packed full of beautiful photography by Emanuele Siracusa and over 50 glorious recipes, this cookbook takes you back to Portugal's culinary roots.

Winner of the 2016 & 2017 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards!