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Design Edit | Using more YELLOW

Design Edit | Using more YELLOW

Yellow is one of those colours that so many people love, but shy away from in their fashion and interior choices. In this post we're going to offer up some bright and beautiful pieces that will add a yellow accent to your life this summer. Tiny bursts are the key here. 

1. Kick off with Namban's IRO notebook. You can keep this one on your desk to add some sunshine to the work day, or pop it in your bag for on-the-go thoughts or sketches. These notebooks are handmade and feature a traditional Japanese binding and soft spine. Think Muji, but happier. Available in a variety of sizes and styles. 

Thin yellow notebook


2. Another subtle touch comes in the form of H.A.N.D's ceramic coasters and trivets. These pieces are crafted from pure white clay and are individually signed. Those of you who have been lucky enough to visit Portugal will undoubtedly have noticed the brightly coloured tiles that adorn the building façades and that have inspired the designs for these coasters. 

Colourful ceramic coasters   Colourful ceramic coasters


3. Next up we're embracing yellow in fashion with +351's cotton shorts. Throw them on for a casual day at the beach or pair with your best shoes for a smarter look. Although the colour may be bold, the cut is classic and comfortable.  

Yellow cotton shorts   Yellow cotton shorts


4. Finally, let's head indoors and add some yellow to the interiors palette. Yellow isn't my go-to colour when it comes to decoration, however these rugs by GUR are making me re-think. Whether it's sunshine yellow or erring more towards gold, a small pop of colour can be just what's needed to brighten up a sombre room. Woven on a traditional handloom, these designs are limited to editions of 50 to keep the collection fresh and constantly evolving. Your summer stripes are in there too; can't go wrong.

Stripy cotton rug   Stripy cotton rug


And for a final slice of inspiration, here's that famous 28 Tram and a classic yellow Lisbon façade that proves we should all be embracing our more colourful side this summer.

Lisbon yellow tram


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