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Design Edit | CORK

Design Edit | CORK

5 CORK products you never knew you wanted

You say cork, I think wine. Or at least that's how it used to be, but cork is now becoming one of the go-to materials for interiors, fashion and beauty products ... and we're not the only ones who have noticed. 

Cork is the bark harvested from the cork oak tree. Once stripped, the tree regenerates and produces a new layer of bark, making this a renewable resource. The harvesting process is undertaken by experts and no damage is caused to the tree. Once harvested, the cork can be treated and manipulated for a variety of different purposes. Portugal has a long history of exceptional craftsmanship when it comes to designing with cork and the country accounts for more than half of the world's cork production. It is no surprise then that Lusophile has selected some innovative cork pieces to feature in our launch collection:


1. Cork Backpack | Artelusa

A large backpack exquisitely crafted from soft, natural cork. The backpack is lined and features a buckle fastening, two additional zipped side pockets and a sturdy handle for carrying. Ideal for a laptop, books or for use as a fashion accessory. It just gets softer and softer every time you use it and provides a stylish alternative to leather. 

Cork backpack featuring soft, sturdy design with zip fastening and side pockets. Gifts for him, gifts for her, back to school, cork design


2. Cork and Ceramic Tableware | Amorim

Not an obvious combination but it works so well. A traditional ceramic body (whether that be teapot, teacup, espresso cup) and a cork base to keep your drink warm and prevent burnt fingers at the same time. This is the ultimate tea set for anyone who likes clean lines and minimalist design.

Cork and ceramic tableware by Amorim


3. Cork Yoga Mat | Portugalia Cork

Calling all yogis! If you're fed up with with your boring old yoga mat, this one's for you. It's extra soft underfoot whilst also providing excellent grip, not to mention the fact that it looks great with a natural deep brown finish. Portugalia Cork is committed to making the most environmentally-friendly yoga products on the market and giving back to the earth with every product sold. 


4. Cork Soap | Al-Guidar

These 100g bars of soaps use quality cork that is 100% natural, recyclable and biodegradable, combined with other essential oils and natural ingredients. Presented in a beautiful cork wrapper, these soaps provide a nourishing and hydrating choice for those who prefer an eco-friendly option. Available in 4 varieties, all with different properties and benefits for the skin. You can get the matching cork soap dish too!


5. Cork 'grow-your-own' Herb Pot | Life in a Bag

Have you ever wanted to grow your own produce but decided against it due to lack of space or fear of it not working? This is your chance to have your very own herb garden. Life in a Bag's mission is to make it easy and fun to grow your own nutritious herbs and microgreens using their simple kits. Everything you need is included in this little cork pot and all you need to do is water it. The kit provides enough seeds to grow 3 plants and, even when it's all gone, you still have a beautiful cork pot for utensils, pens or more plants. Get growing.






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Design Edit | CORK